With 30 dive sites surrounding Boracay and neighboring islands there is definitely something for every diver. 


Most dive sites are between 10 minutes to one hour away, we are able to offer up to 10 different sites a day giving divers the opportunity to choose the dive sites of course with a little advice from our Instructors.
Following is a few description of our dive sites, there are many more choices available to you.

Yapak 2 - just a 15 minutes boat ride to the north end of the island. The wall starts at 32 meters and due to its natural upwelling creates a perfect feeding ground for big fish such as Grey and White Tip Reef Sharks and Giant Trevally, experience is needed for there are sometimes strong currents.

Chimney - again just 15 minutes boat ride is a deep wall and aptly called the Chimney due to a huge swim through at 40m up to 32m.


Shark Cave - usually done on a falling tide. This dive site is competed as a deep drift dive with the cave at 36 meters.

Crocodile Island - just a 15 minutes boat ride, this wall starts at 4 meters and runs down to 20+ meters. Top of the wall is filled with soft corals set in small canyons - perfect for those lazy safety stops, the wall itself has an abundance of corals and smaller schooling fish such as - fusiliers, banner fish, Moorish idols, rabbit fish, snappers and a small cave at 14 meters with sweeper fish. 

Laurel - 20 minutes from Calypso, this wall is a like a series of small steps starting from 5 meters to about 25 meters the wall is covered with soft and hard corals, nudibranchs, pipefish, again a dream for photographers.